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Transaction Terms - Bank Shope


1. Refunds from Bank Shope to the Buyer can only be done if the following conditions occur:

  • There is an overpayment from the Buyer over the price of the Goods
  • Seller or Merchant states that there is no stock or any other specific problems.
  • The Seller has received the transaction report, but the Seller did not send the order until the specified time limit.
  • There was a delivery problem that was clearly known by the Seller which resulted in the goods not arriving at the Buyer's place.

2. Bank Shope has the authority to make decisions on any unresolved transaction problems due to the absence of an agreement or settlement between the Seller and the Buyer, while still considering and looking the available evidence. The Bank Shope’s decision is a final decision that are not opened to be contested and binds both the Seller and the Buyer to comply with the decision.

3. If there is any problem with the Delivery Service that resulted the Goods to be returned to the Seller and the order is cancelled, Bank Shope has full authority to refund the amount of the Goods, exclude the shipping costs.

4. The Buyer is not allowed to cancel orders when the orders has been sent or the Order Confirmation is issued by Bank Shope. If the Buyer intends to seek additional assistance, please contact Bank Shope Customer Service by sending an email to or Bank Shope Whatsapp Number +62 888 0948 4861. For this cancellation, the Buyer does not reserves the right to make claims against canceled transactions.

5. Bank Shope’s refund policy is valid for 30 days from the date of the transaction. If the refund application is made after 30 days, Bank Shope has the right to refuse the refund application.

6. Bank Shope does not guarantee the time commitment for refund process. The refund process depends on the processing time of each bank.

7. Bank Shope has full authority to change the refund mechanism without any obligation to provide information to the Buyer, Seller, or Users.